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Aerial Yoga Hammock Installation Instructions


Where to hang your silks?

- Ceiling mounts

- Exposed ceiling beams 

- Swing sets

WARNING: DO NOT attempt to attach the aerial silks on a structure you are uncertain about. The structure where you set up your Aerial Hammock should be able to take more than 10 times your body weight at minimum.


It’s always  a good safety measure to inspect your mounting rig, O-slings, daisy chains and clipping hardware for potential wear and tear before each use or at least once a month. Signs of scratch, tear and crack might indicate that the hardware needs replacing.


Take care during use to enjoy your silks longer

Remove earrings, ring, watch and any sharp accessories before getting on the silks. Limit the aerial silks exposure to direct sunlight. The vibrant colors might fade under extended sun exposure.If you feel the silks lose its elasticity, try washing the silks as that should help recover somewhat the elasticity level of the fabric.

Washing Instructions:

Remove the plastic ties on two ends of the fabric , the two O-slings and daisy chains. Wash the fabric separately. Do not mix with hard or sharp objects as that may scratch the fabric. If you also want to wash the daisy chains and O-slings together with the fabric, please put the them in a laundry bag. Use mild detergent and cold water on gentle cycle. Line to dry in the shade.