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Installation Guide

How do I hang my aerial silks?


How to hang your hammock (works for your Swing Trapeze as well)**Ceiling mounts are NOT included for 5.5Y hammocks

Where can I hang my silks?

  • Ceiling mounts
  • Exposed ceiling beams
  • Swing sets

WARNING: DO NOT attempt to attach the aerial silks on a structure you are uncertain about. Industry standard for aerial rigging is that any aerial point must have a load capacity of no less than 2000 lbs safe working load and a minimum breaking strength of no less than 8000 lbs.

Safety tips

It’s always a good safety measure to inspect your mounting rig, O-slings, daisy chains and clipping hardware for potential wear and tear before each use or at least once a month. Signs of scratch, tear and crack might indicate that the hardware needs replacing.

How to care for your fabric

  • Remove any sharp accessories such as earrings, rings and watches and before getting on the silks.
  • Limit the aerial silks exposure to direct sunlight as colors and stretch will be affected under extended sun exposure. 
  • If you feel the silks are losing their elasticity, try washing the silks as that should help recover some of the elasticity level of the fabric.

Washing instructions

  • Remove the plastic ties on the two ends of the fabric, the two O-slings and daisy chains.
  • Wash the fabric separately.
  • Do not mix with hard or sharp objects to avoid scratches on the fabric.
  • If you also want to wash the daisy chains and O-slings together with the fabric, put them in a separate laundry bag.
  • Use mild detergent and cold water on gentle cycle.
  • Leave to dry in the shade.
  • Setting up your single rigging point for Aerial Circus