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Yoga Swing Trapeze

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A great tool for aerial yoga or inversion therapy for natural spine decompression, use our Yoga Swing Trapeze to relieve back pain, build core strength, train balance and posture and improve your flexibility. Made from non-stretchable nylon fabric for stability and triple-stitched for extra safety and ease of mind. Our handles are made from closed-cell foam for better grip as you do your poses. 

Includes heavy accessories, instruction manual and pose guides for a quick setup and smooth practice wherever you are. Please make sure to have your own ceiling mounts to safely secure your Yoga Swing Trapeze.

Dual Green Blue / UPC: 9551016050271
Dual Purple / UPC: 9551016050288
Single Pink / UPC: 9551016050264

Single Blue /  UPC: 9551016050257

✔ 1 Hammock Seat (98" length, 59" width)
✔ 6 Foam-padded Handles
✔ 2 Multi-loop Daisy Chains for easy height adjustment (39" length)
✔ 2 High Strength Carabiners
✔ 1 Drawstring Bag
✔ 2-page pose guides & hanging instructions

Yoga Swing Trapeze Fabric:
Nylon (non-stretchy for stability)
Recommended weight load: 660 lbs
Maximum hanging height: 9 feet

Load Ratings:
Fabric: 661lbs / 300kg
Carabiners: 5620/2248lbf / 25/10KN
Daisy Chains: 331lbs / 150kg

✔ Remove hard and sharp objects such as earrings, watches and trim nails before usage to avoid scratches or tear to the fabric.
✔ Wash separately in a cold, gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Do not tumble dry or dry in direct sunlight.
✔ Store in a sealed container away from dust, dirt and moisture.
✔ Replace equipment if you observe signs of wear.

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Tricot Fabric

✓ Extremely durable and wrinkle resistant

✓ Warp knitting technology

✓ Ultra comfortable grip

✓ Unmatched softness

Easy to Install

✓ Hang anywhere on sturdy beams or ceiling mounts

✓ Heavy duty accessories

✓ Comprehensive instruction manual included