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Aerial Hoop

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Aum Active’s lightweight and versatile hoop is designed for both beginners and professionals. With its easy-to-spin and hollow construction, this single-point hoop is ideal for small spaces. Plus, setup is a breeze with our all-in-one set, including a carry bag for easy transport. Moreover, our stainless steel hoop is strong enough to withstand your weight, while the included polyester-cotton tape provides added grip. 

Our set includes an aerial hoop, a carry bag, a strop, three carabiners, a swivel, black tape, and an instruction manual. You can choose between two sizes to find the perfect fit for your height. Get ready to spin in style with Aum Active's aerial hoop!



✔ Aerial Hoop
✔ Carry Bag
✔ Black Tape
✔ Swivel
✔ Carabiners*3
✔ Polyester Strop
✔ Instruction Manual

Aerial Hoop: Stainless Steel
Strop: Polyester

Load Rating:
Swivel: 30kN vertical
Carabiner: 10kN lateral / 24kN vertical
Strop: 98kN

Hoop Diameter: 90 cm / 95 cm
Tube Diameter: 25 mm

✔ Store in a sealed container away from dust, dirt and moisture.
✔ Replace equipment if you observe signs of wear.

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