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Our Story

Whether you practice yoga, meditation, dance or simply want to move differently, we’re here to make your journey work for you.

How we fell in love with aerial

We’ve always been interested in new ways of moving. From our foray into on-the-mat workouts like yoga and pilates, we wanted to take our practice a step further. Literally, a step up in the air.

That’s how we discovered the aerial community: one that's filled with nothing but support, encouragement and a beautifully diverse group of individuals. Dancers, acrobats, gymnasts, older folks who want to get stronger, yogis who want to build muscle strength and even young kids who need a calming distraction - all are welcome!

Why Choose Aum Active?

We’ve done careful R&D to create the best silks that will make beginners to experienced aerialists feel comfortable and safe. We use high quality fabrics and heavy duty accessories so that everyone can comfortably enjoy excitement and a sense of escape when you’re in the air.

Plus, being active should look just as good as it feels. We’ve made sure our fabrics come in multiple jewel-toned colors to add that pop of confidence and expression in your home, studio or the great outdoors.

We believe you can rise to the challenge. That you can find joy and freedom. But most importantly, we believe in you.